who am I?

I’m a Canadian Millenial. I broke free in the late 80’s, battled through the epic 90’s, crossed into the confusing 00’s, and am now trying to compromise with the ’10s.

After somehow completing the requisites for an undergraduate degree, I got offered a job at one of Canada’s Big Five banks but quickly realised I couldn’t sit still long enough at a regular desk job. After nearly 2 years, I tendered my resignation and immediately got a job working with some ridiculous children for the YMCA at an environmental conversation park that same summer. When the terms of that job came to an end, I packed up my bags and moved to Asia.

I am now a middle school English language arts and English language development teacher at an American curriculum international school.

I was born and raised in Toronto. While I love the Big Smoke, she and I are taking a break from each other for the time being.

I have a backpack with a few cameras, a laptop, and some books. That’s all I need for now.

Once upon a time in Ontario, Canada.

Once upon a time in Ontario, Canada.


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