the 6ix.

The Raptors had found a way to get past the first round of the NBA playoffs; an experience not felt since the time of Vince Carter. Views had also just dropped; this summer’s airwaves would no doubt be dominated by the 6 God. And I just got a tattoo of Toronto’s skyline on the inside of my arm shortly after. The mirror skyline is of Saigon, but I’ll get to that later.


None of the three events mentioned above are related. But, they all come at a time when I’m about embark on the next adventure* and I can calmly put a footnote on my career development. Toronto isn’t really part of this plan. In fact, my next adventure puts me years further away from Toronto. But maybe that’s why it’s important to dwell on Toronto now.

When I left home three and a half years ago, I didn’t think I would be away this long. I didn’t have a formal goodbye or a true farewell to my friends and family. I left with every intention of returning to that life. This time, the outlook is different. I know I won’t be back in Toronto for another two years. Most likely more. I’ve come to embraced this new life and it’s provided a lot for me in return. However, I can’t say I don’t still think about Toronto. After all, she and I didn’t have a proper goodbye. And maybe that’s why Toronto keeps popping up in my mind now. I’m about to finish my job and my tenure in Vietnam and head back to Toronto for the summer before moving to another country. I have a second chance to give a proper goodbye to The Big Smoke.

It’s not that Toronto is no longer a part of my life – it always will be. It’s why I now have the Toronto skyline permanent etched into my bicep.**

The Saigon skyline is another story.

*More about my next adventure in a separate post.
** My art teacher-friend Bill drew these skylines for me.

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