DSLR vs Smartphone

This is a topic I have been finding myself battling with more and more. Especially since I get so many opportunities to travel around in SE Asia and because lugging around a Canon 6D along with a GoPro and any other camera gear can be extremely annoying. If you want to know my answer, I will say that I will always carry my DSLR with me. Nothing matches my DSLR. Period. I also do videography and the Canon 6D is my best friend for that. However, my decision does not apply to everyone else.

311359-canon-eos-6d-front   VS   441908-iphone-6-inline-7

I want to return to this topic at another point and fully elaborate reasons why someone should always carry their DSLR or why they should stick to a smaller camera or a smartphone. In the meantime, I will reblog this blog post that I find interesting and relevant to topic. Enjoy.

DSLR vs Smarphone (click on the title to be redirected to the blog post)


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