a travel log and video postcard from angkor wat.

Last year, one of my best mates, Jamie made a surprise trip to Cambodia to see our friend Bailey. It was one of the coolest things ever. Very few things matched that experience. Jamie basically decided one morning that he would buy a flight from Toronto to Cambodia for the evening of that same day. He sent me a message after he bought the flight and told me what his plan was. Of course, I immediately made arrangements to rendezvous with him.

The other sweet thing was that Sara was off traveling with Beata at that time. Beata had taken time off from her job in Atlanta to come over to Saigon for a visit and the both of them were roaming around parts of SE Asia to go see some wonderful things together. I knew that part of their trip would steer them right into Siem Reap to check out Angkor Wat. So… I got in contact with Beata and asked for permission to crash the party. With Beata’s permission, we planned a surprise where I would “run into them” at the night market in Siem Reap. The plan went off without a hitch. Sara’s facial expression was unforgettable and I really wish I planned a way to film it but I wanted to experience it rather than be preoccupied with the filming bit.

Anyway, if you have 6 minutes to kill, check out my latest travel log and video postcard highlighting this trip. You should see it in full 1080p HD, but if you can’t see it on this blog then go to the actual link below for full HD. Enjoy.



BOAT in Boracay, 2015. Teaser.

Another year abroad has gone by real quick and another Boracay Open is in the books. This time, I was successful in forming my own team with misfits largely from Canada and the remaining from the US and one from the Philippines. We came in to the tournament seeded 4th (which is too high), but without the Boracay Dragons actually competing for a seeded spot this year, we were able to break out and top off the tournament with a 3rd place finish on universe point.

Big ups to BOAT and the friends who made it amazing. Let’s go for another next year!

Check out the teaser video I made above. If you need to see it in HD, go to the actual link here.

DSLR vs Smartphone

This is a topic I have been finding myself battling with more and more. Especially since I get so many opportunities to travel around in SE Asia and because lugging around a Canon 6D along with a GoPro and any other camera gear can be extremely annoying. If you want to know my answer, I will say that I will always carry my DSLR with me. Nothing matches my DSLR. Period. I also do videography and the Canon 6D is my best friend for that. However, my decision does not apply to everyone else.

311359-canon-eos-6d-front   VS   441908-iphone-6-inline-7

I want to return to this topic at another point and fully elaborate reasons why someone should always carry their DSLR or why they should stick to a smaller camera or a smartphone. In the meantime, I will reblog this blog post that I find interesting and relevant to topic. Enjoy.

DSLR vs Smarphone (click on the title to be redirected to the blog post)