My Saigon wolf-pup, Kee.

My Saigon wolf-pup, Kee.

My dad calls him Amigo but a lot of people just call him Kee, or Ky (both pronounced the same way as you think it would be).

I have a huge soft spot for dogs and one of the best things about being abroad are the street dogs. Kee, however, isn’t a street dog. He’s my dad’s pup over here since my dad is based out of Saigon more than half the time when he’s not back in Toronto.

Most people know that I love dogs (which is also why I could never indulge in a particularly special dish here in Vietnam). And now I love Kee.


2 thoughts on “My Saigon wolf-pup, Kee.

  1. Hello, I came across your blog while surfing for travel blogs. I’ll be in Saigon in the latter part of this year. Any recommendations for good places to eat?

    • Heya!

      In terms of recommendations, I still don’t have a place I call “my place” to recommend. I love finding any place in any nook and cranny and sitting down. The rule of thumb for me is that if I see locals sitting there comfortably, it’s got to be good.

      I live in District 11 at the moment while I’m working here so most of the places I eat are around here. It’s further away from the downtown core so you never really see foreigners here other than my friend and I. Everything is very local and residential, is how I would best describe it.

      If you go to the backpacker’s area (aka Pham Ngu Lao area), you’ll find a ton of selection but some might be catered to the foreigner’s and backpacker scene, if you know what I mean.

      I’ve been told food in Saigon is similar to food in Thailand, you can go down any street, small or big, and find something amazing and delicious.

      If I find something that makes me go, “I need to go here at least once a week”, then I will for sure let you know!

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