My Saigon wolf-pup, Kee.

My Saigon wolf-pup, Kee.

My dad calls him Amigo but a lot of people just call him Kee, or Ky (both pronounced the same way as you think it would be).

I have a huge soft spot for dogs and one of the best things about being abroad are the street dogs. Kee, however, isn’t a street dog. He’s my dad’s pup over here since my dad is based out of Saigon more than half the time when he’s not back in Toronto.

Most people know that I love dogs (which is also why I could never indulge in a particularly special dish here in Vietnam). And now I love Kee.


this week will be bad.

This week will be bad.

Rosie and I are on the last stretch to push for all our documents to be sent to us in order to get the work permit process started. If this does not happen, we run the risk of losing this job for a bit before we can reapply. Rosie is waiting for her degree to come in from Toronto, and it is currently being held up at customs in Saigon but she cannot obtain it yet. Meanwhile, both our TESOL certifications have been reissued and expedited this time around so we hope to hear that it will land here by tomorrow.

Once we get these last outstanding documents, we need to find a lawyer to notarize it, then rush it to the Canadian consulate to get it “consularized”. In other words, we pay $50 bucks for them to simply stamp it. Kind of a pain.

One good news is one of my best pals from Toronto, Sebastien, will be in Saigon in the next few days. Probably by the end of this week. He bought a motorbike out in Hanoi back in the middle of March and has been making his way slowly towards the south. I’m extremely jealous because that’s a trip I really want to do one day. FYI, the run from Hanoi to Saigon and vice versa is about 1,700 kilometres. The topography of Vietnam can be crazy and the roads can be a bit hairy at times, especially in the central highlands (I hear), but that’s one adventure I’m down for.

Anyway, I can’t wait for Seb to get here and for this administrative nightmare to be over with. First video postcard will probably be delayed a bit longer.

Until next time!