sometimes you catch yourself…..

Me and the Lemieux’s in what would be one of our last times together in Toronto.

Sometimes you catch yourself missing things, places, people, what have you. Looking back on this picture taken 3 months ago back in Toronto is a reminder that while travelling is awesome and there’s nothing like it, I still carry a sweet spot inside me for things that are “home”.


seems legit.


I’m stoked. I finally get an official name tag from the Asian International School after having worked there for nearly three weeks.

Somehow, having this name tag to pin on my shirt makes it all feel more real – it cements the feeling of success and of having made it here in Saigon. Well… sort of. I’m still on my two month probation contract with the school, which ends on April 17th. Once I get all the stupid administrative/paper work completed to secure a work permit with the school, along with a good track record for the probationary period, then I will be offered a long term contract.

Still, this is one step in the right direction… right?


a teaser from my time in the Phu Quoc Islands.

Before I upload my pictures, I’m just gonna post a few teaser pics taken from my cousin’s kid’s phone camera. Not the best quality but I felt compelled to give some of you friends and family members who might still be visiting my blog a taste of what we ventured off to.

This was a very brief trip during the Tet Holidays. My second uncle and his family wanted Rosie and I to come along so we booked a short three day excursion with them. I can tell you that the next time I come here, I plan to stay for a week. If not more. On this trip, I also got to go squid jigging at night. Videos of that to come.

For now, enjoy a few flictures from my cousin’s kid, Kevin Pham.

Rosie, myself, Baby Tram Anh and her mother/my cousin Chi Tet (Chi means ‘Bigger Sister’). Image

Kevin (the family calls him Ti Em) and I.Image

The same peeps plus Kevin (Ti Em). Image

Rosie and Ti Em. Image

Baby Tram Anh.Image

Where we stayed in Phu Quoc. It was a beautiful hotel. Image

And here’s Baby Tram Anh just sitting in the middle of our table as lunch is being brought out.Image

I need to force myself to pull pictures from my DSLR. And I promise video clips will be coming. I’m just slacking because there’s a lot of other fun things to do while I’m not teaching or lesson planning. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy updating this blog… but when I’m invited to cheap beers and cheap, delicious food then I’m inclined to choose cheap beers and cheap, delicious food.

Anyway, this is a small teaser from our trip to the Phu Quoc Islands. These pictures were taken by Kevin (Ti Em). I’ll have my own pictures up with a full recap shortly. That’s all for now!