Nha Trang, you win.

A party town, Nha Trang certainly is. 

Just a brief note before I try to do some work today. Rosie and I met up with Erika, her friends Katie, Joss, Jason, and another Katie (from Seattle) to have dinner and drinks and dance. Joss and Seattle Katie just finished obtaining their PADI diving certification and we all wanted to celebrate. It was quite a celebration.

We went to Ciao Vietnam! for dinner and a few drinks. After dinner, we walked over to the Oasis Bar about three minutes walk away. At the Oasis, Rosie had a most impressive dance-puke. Canadian Katie followed shortly with her own dance-puke. The two spent the next little bit in the bathroom in neighbouring stalls having a grand time. 

Jason took Katie home and I took Rosie home after that stint. We put them to bed and went back out to find Erika and Joss to continue with the night. We capped the night off at the Why Not Bar, a place run by Australians I believe. A couple of sunburnt guys made sure I had to be topless on the dance floor with them. (I don’t know how it happens but I end up topless on a dance floor far too often.)

Needless to say, our ragtag bunch looked fantastic this morning when we met for breakfast at 11:30. I got some good videos of the little Asian guy who was feeding us free shots (dangerous). When I’m back home in Saigon, I’ll be sure to put the videos and pictures up. For now, I have to try and get some lesson planning done.  


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