Some more photos to go with the video below.

Here’s a few photos I snapped along with the video of our seafood hotpot (lau) dinner below.

At this point, the shrimp was still alive on the hot rim of the pot. You can barely make it out but in the middle is the lid of the pot with amazing broth simmering inside. The entire metal contraption is heating up and slowly cooking the shrimp (while it’s still alive) on the outside rim. When the broth in the middle is hot enough, everything is shovelled into it to finish cooking.

ImageThis is what it looks after it’s been cooked. The shrimp is taken out of the simmering brother in the middle so it doesn’t get overcooked and laid back on the hot rim around the pot. ImageHere’s Mere looking much more pleased with the outcome and more at ease. She ended up eating quite a few shrimps so I think it turned out OK.

ImageAnd here is my cousin’s son’s two month old baby Bo (pronounced “buh). According to Vietnamese culture, he refers to me as great uncle Alex. Kinda sweet.

ImageThat’s all for now, folks. 


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