Meredith MacNughton comes to Vietnam.

It was quite a surprise when I came home the other day and Rosie told me Mere was in town and would like to meet up for drinks. It’s always an uncanny feeling when you hear that someone back home is now halfway across the world in the same city with you. It’s an even greater uncanny feeling when you see them in person outside of a familiar environment.

So, last night, Rosie and I took our motorbike from the Go Vap District, where we’re studying for our TESOL certification, and went to the Pham Ngu Lao area (backpackers’ area) in District 1 to meet up with Mere and her boyfriend, Jeff.

The four of us had beers at this bar called Go2 Bar on 187 De Tham Street before making our way over to the night market at Ben Thanh, which is about a 10 minute walk away from the bar. The restaurant in the market where we settled for food is called the Hai Lua restaurant where you can have beers for as cheap as approx. 0.65 cents. We also decided on the seafood hotpot dinner (called lau in Vietnamese) that would feed the four of us. We did not, however, expect how fresh our food would come.

Check the video below to see what we ended up getting. Class was cancelled today so I was able to quickly edit and upload the video. (The full 1080p HD version was being encoded by Vimeo while I wrote this, so hopefully it should be done by the time you guys see it.)

Seafood hotpot dinner in Saigon.

A couple of pictures to come soon.


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